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5 Maps We Want Brought Back to World of Tanks

These maps were taken from us too soon, and now we want them brought back to World of Tanks!


Komarin will divide the community, but it's one map that could definitely be brought back to World of Tanks. If you hate it - what do you think would make it better?
The idea of bringing Komarin back will either make your blood boil or set off a skip in your step. 

Komarin will divide a community and it will sever friendships. Chances are you either loved this map or you despised it. Komarin allowed tankers to live out their racing fantasies as they raced around the outer perimeter, chasing the enemy while the enemy chased them.

Komarin was also one of the few maps that had a form of interactive environment. Sitting in the center of the map was an impassable obstacle that could only be removed by a Heavy tank or HE, but once cleared, allowed access to one of the strongest points on the map.

The problem being, a lot of the battle took place on the sidelines, with TDs sniping in at unsuspecting enemies while Light tanks zipped around trying their best to spot and stay alive. This was a great map if you were using one of the best Premium tanks to earn credits, and just so happened to be a tank destroyer, but it wasn’t so good if your job was to fight your way toward the center.


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