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5 Maps We Want Brought Back to World of Tanks

These maps were taken from us too soon, and now we want them brought back to World of Tanks!

Dragon Ridge

Arguably one of the most popular maps removed from the game, many feel that Dragon River needs to return in World of Tanks.

Finally, this list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the infamous Dragon Ridge. Several early World of Tanks adopters will remember Dragon Ridge for its winding corridors etched into the side of mountains and the various levels of verticality the terrain offered. Unfortunately for fast tanks, Dragon Ridge was removed from World of Tanks in Patch 8.4.

The design of Dragon Ridge was perfect for tanks with excellent gun depression as it often allowed them to enter a hull down position and become immovable objects. Better yet, Light and Medium tanks could make quick work of the steep inclines, zipping around the map spotting other enemies.

But unfortunately, the lumbering Heavy tanks struggled dearly with Dragon Ridge, unable to move swiftly from one location to the next. Anyone unlucky enough to be driving a Heavy tank would find themselves traveling up one side of a mountain all match. Despite this, if there is one map on this list we'd like to see brought back, it’s Dragon Ridge.

These maps were all removed for one reason or another, whether it’s unbalanced for a certain tank type or because it didn’t play nice with the physics. Regardless, there are a lot of memories surrounding these maps—some good, some bad. However, one thing’s for certain... we want these maps brought back in World of Tanks!

Much like all the maps on this list, there are also several tanks we want brought back in World of Tanks. Let us know the comments any maps you want brought back in World of Tanks.


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