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World of Tanks Sandbox Phase 4 is Now Live

The fourth testing phase centers on Tier X light tanks and SPG mechanics.

Wargaming has officially begun the fourth and final phase of the World of Tanks Sandbox test. During this phase, a greater emphasis is being placed on SPG mechanics and Tier X light tanks.

Based on the feedback garnered during the Phase 3 test, Wargaming is making additional changes to how Tier X light vehicles function, changes which test participants can try out for themselves during the Phase 4 period (March 16-20).

The fourth testing phase is also where users can try out new SPG mechanics that are being applied to a variety of Tier VIII-X vehicles. For a more detailed rundown of the Phase 4 changes or to sign up for the Sandbox test yourself, be sure to visit the official World of Tanks Sandbox webpage.

Feedback for the fourth Sandbox testing phase can be submitted via the official Sandbox forums.

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