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Titanfall 2's Colony Reborn Update Arrives March 30th

The update includes a new map, new Prime Titan skins, and more.

Respawn Entertainment has announced the contents of Titanfall 2’s Colony Reborn update which is set to launch this coming Thursday, March 30th.

According to a press release from Titanfall 2’s publisher Electronic Arts, the Colony Reborn update will include an array of new free content for players including a revamped version of the original Titanfall’s Colony map, the new R-101 carbine Pilot weapon, and a new “Curb Check” Pilot execution.

New paid content such as camos, Callsigns, and Prime skins for the Northstar and Legion Titans will also be available.

In honor of the Colony Reborn update’s release, Respawn will also be hosting a free trial weekend which allows any interested party to try out both the single-player campaign and multiplayer components of Titanfall 2 for free.

The weekend will begin on March 30th  and will include the full Titanfall 2 multiplayer experience (which will be available until Monday, April 3rd), and two missions from the single-player campaign—Training Gauntlet and The Beacon. The single-player portion of the trial will remain available indefinitely. 

You can watch a trailer for the Colony Reborn update below.

For more on Titanfall 2, be sure to check out this video in which an incredibly skilled player manages to finish the Training Gauntlet mission in less than 25 seconds. 


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