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Wargaming Releases an April Overview for World of Tanks

Come see what’s going to World of Tanks during the month of April.

It is now officially April, which means there’s a whole month’s worth of new discounts, Tank Mastery missions, and events on the way for World of Tanks. If you want to see a preview of everything Wargaming has in store for World of Tanks during the month of April, you’ve come to the right place.

According to the official April Overview page, there’s a lot to look forward to this month. Sadly, the April Fool’s Day event and one-day sale of the Mutant M6A2E1 are over. Nevertheless, there’s plenty more on deck including limited-time sales on other Premium Tanks like the Lorraine 40t and T-34-85M. In addition, April will include a special series of platoon-based TankRewards missions which begin on April 12th, new weekly Tank Mastery missions, and more.

Wargaming is also hosting special weekend bonus events during every weekend of the month, allowing players to take advantage of special weekend-only bonuses like triple XP and (from April 7-13) exclusive anniversary specials to celebrate World of Tanks’ sixth anniversary.

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