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Lorraine 40t French Premium Tank Goes On Sale Tomorrow

Three unique tank camos are also included.

Wargaming has announced via a press release that, starting tomorrow, April 6th, World of Tanks players will be able to purchase the Lorraine 40t tank via the game’s Premium Shop.

The Lorraine 40t is a Tier VIII medium tank which hails from the region of France. Its original incarnation was actually a tier IX vehicle which was removed with the release of patch and replaced by the Bat. –Chatillon 25 t AP. Now, Wargaming is bringing the Lorraine 40t back along with three unique camo designs which are each themed around a different seasonal map.

Those who want to take the newly revamped Lorraine 40t for a spin will have to wait until it becomes available in the World of Tanks Premium Shop tomorrow. A price point for the Lorraine 40t hasn’t yet been announced, but multiple bundles will likely be available for those who want to snag a few extra goodies along with their new tank.

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