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Battlefield 1 Will Be Getting Monthly Updates Starting In May

Platoons are also on the horizon.

DICE has announced they’ll soon be shifting Battlefield 1’s seasonal update release schedule to a monthly release schedule, which means players can look forward to a more consistent flow of new content.

According to this recent post on the Battlefield blog, the upcoming Spring Update will be the last seasonal update for Battlefield 1 and the monthly update schedule will begin in May. The May update will be dedicated to introducing various quality-of-life improvements to Battlefield 1’s multiplayer such as streamlining the process through which players enter matches (particularly Operations matches) and making all multiplayer modes feel more balanced and fair.

As for the Spring Update, it will include a long-requested feature—the ability to form Platoons with other players. Platoons will allow groups of friends and/or clanmates to stay together across multiple matches, a welcome addition considering how chaotic a typical Battlefield 1 match can be.

While a release date for the Spring Update has yet to be announced, DICE promises it should be right around the corner. For more on Battlefield 1, be sure to check out this recent clip in which a single player manages to defeat an entire enemy squad using nothing but a pistol.  


Nate Hohl

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