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Battlefield 4 Player Proves The Log Is Mightier Than The Helicopter

When in doubt, turn to Mother Nature.

In the years since its launch, Battlefield 4’s multiplayer community has proved it can come up with some truly crazy ways to kill each other, and the gif seen down below shows that sentiment is as true now as it was back then.

Of all the ways you’ve seen a Battlefield 4 player get killed, a flying log of death probably wasn’t one of them. Well, allow us to fill that little hole in your life:

Sadly, as a commenter in the gif’s Reddit thread points out, it isn’t actually the log that technically scores the kill. In the full video showing how the kill was executed, the player can be seen loading the log up with anti-tank mines before applying the C4 that sends the log flying. When the log connects with the helicopter, the mines detonate and take the helicopter with them. Despite this, it’s an impressive feat.

For more crazy Battlefield plays, be sure to check out this recent clip which shows an expert Battlefield 4 shotgun player at work.


Nate Hohl

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