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Best Medium Tanks for Noobs in World of Tanks

Some of the best Medium tanks for the new World of Tanks player.

Medium tanks offer an interesting middle ground between the easy-to-play Heavy tanks and the difficult to master Light tanks, making it one of the best tank types for new players to learn. A lot of new players are advised to practice in Heavy tanks, but once a decent body of knowledge is learned, Medium tanks can be used to experience a different side of World of Tanks.

We’ve already covered the best Heavy tanks for new players, as well as the best Light tanks for new players, so it’s only right that we focus on the best Medium tanks for noobs in World of Tanks! As always, let us know in the comments what Medium tanks you would recommend for new players.

Type 97 Chi-Ha

The Type 97 Chi-Ha is a good starting point for any new player looking to get into Medium tanks.

Starting off our list of best Medium tanks for noobs is the Type 97 Chi-Ha, a Tier 3 Japanese Medium known for its excellent alpha damage and penetration values. With a selection of four different guns, there's an option for every occasion. Although, the 47mm Gun Type 1 offers the highest penetration value of 81mm and 70 damage on average.

Due to its weak armor and low speeds, it often finds itself in the support role, assisting some of the quicker units until it can get itself into position. New players should be cautious when piloting the Chi-Ha, focusing primarily on using its high damage in the late-game, where enemy vehicle’s health pools have been whittled away.

While it's relatively challenging for a new player, with enough patience and practice, the Type 97 Chi-Ha can be an excellent choice for a World of Tanks noob.


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