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Best USA Tank Lines in World of Tanks

Picking a tank line in World of Tanks can be tricky, so here are the best USA tank lines!

USA Heavy Tank Lines

The T1 Heavy is the first Heavy tank you can get your hands on in this USA tank line.

Though the USSR nation offers some of the greatest Heavy tank lines, making them extremely easy tanks for noobs to use, the USA also offers an enjoyable Heavy experience.

While there are currently two Tier 10 Heavy tanks in the USA nation, we’ll be focusing on the line that finishes with the T110E5, as this is an actual Heavy tank line experience. However, the T57 Heavy, is worth pursuing if you want to work down a Light tank line.

Starting at Tier 5, the USA Heavy tank line offers the T1 Heavy. This first venture into the USA Heavies sets the pace for the rest of the line, with reliable armor, good rates of fire, and decent penetration. Unfortunately, the T1 Heavy does have a higher profile, drawing attention to its sides, a major weak point in its overall armor. Try to keep the front of the T1 Heavy facing your opponents to take advantage of the 95 mm protection. Even the front of the turret clocks in at 101 mm, allowing you to take a hull-down position.

At Tier 10, the T110E5 offers an almost Medium tank experience, but with Heavy tank armor. Just be aware of its weaknesses!

Jumping up a few tiers is the T32. This USA Heavy tank gives you a well-balanced, although slightly underpowered experience. While the T32 offers a sleeker design and sturdy frontal armor, its main weaponry is lacking, making it less of a damage dealer and more of a support. Despite this, the T32 presents good gun depression and can often work well when supplementing a push and facing Medium or Light tanks.

Finally, reaching the end of the USA Heavy line rewards you with the T110E5. While this might not be as sturdy as some of the German or USSR Heavies, a well-trained T110E5 driver can punish an enemy who underestimates it. Coupling excellent penetration with a high rate of fire, the T110E5 can inflict a lot of damage in a short amount of time, especially when it uses its nimbleness to get into position quickly. Just be aware that it’s slow to reverse, has weak points on its lower plate, and the cupola is extremely exposed and prone to getting hit.


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