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Best USA Tank Lines in World of Tanks

Picking a tank line in World of Tanks can be tricky, so here are the best USA tank lines!

USA Tank Destroyer Line

M8A1 - Tier 4 Tank Destroyer
The M8A1 is a refreshing change of pace from typical tank destroyers and one worth pursuing down the USA tank destroyer tank line.

Tank Destroyers, as the name suggests, are tanks that specialize in destroying other tanks. They are extremely powerful armored vehicles that favor high damage shells while sacrificing a turret and rear armor. The USA offers an appealing Tank Destroyer line with a couple of notable tanks that a lot of players, both new and old, can enjoy playing.

Starting at Tier 4 in the USA TD tank line is an immediate split that often divides the community as to which direction to go. However, opting for the M8A1 is going to offer you a break from the way Tank Destroyers typically handle. The M8A1 is an interesting Tank Destroyer as it offers a fully traversable turret, meaning you are able to aim without needing to move your tracks and reposition the entire vehicle. The M8A1 also offers an extremely favorable view range, meaning you are able to spot with greater ease.

The Hellcat, with its fully-traversing turret, is an excellent Tank Destroyer to aim for in the USA tank line.
The Hellcat, with its fully traversing turret, is an excellent Tank Destroyer to aim for in the USA tank line.

The T67 is another community favorite, offering a solid Tank Destroyer experience, and one that rewards you by leading to the Hellcat. The Hellcat is arguably one the most popular Tank Destroyer in mid-tier games. It’s an incredibly fast Tank Destroyer offering high camouflage and a decent view range, as well as good damage and accuracy. The Hellcat is the sort of tank you can sit on in order to easily earn experience. Research the 90 mm gun as soon as possible in order to lay on the hurt. Thankfully for new players, the M18 Hellcat is one of the best Tank Destroyers for noobs in World of Tanks.

Picking a new tank line is an exciting experience for new and old players alike. However, it can be challenging and even daunting trying to figure out which line to approach first. Another good idea is to have a second tank line going at the same time, perhaps even a German tank line. There are several different options to choose from from the USA tech tree and while the above aren't the only ones you should approach, they're definitely some of the best USA tank lines in World of Tanks.


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