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Watch Hitler's Only Testicle Get Shot Off in Sniper Elite 4

“Hitler has only got one ball, the other is in the Albert Hall”

While it might be a bawdy British song from World War 2, “Hitler Has Only Got One Ball” was a song that was part of a whole myth about the Nazi leader and his testicle(s). Whether it was for morale (it probably was) or to just shit on the worst person in human history, there was a rumor that Hitler only had one testicle. But thanks to one Sniper Elite 4 player, we can confirm that, at least in the virtual world, the tyrannical leader was definitely trying to compensate for something.

In a clip that surfaced on Reddit, user graintop made a cracker of a shot into the groin of Adolf Hitler. For those unfamiliar with Sniper Elite 4, any critical shot on an enemy includes a slow-motion x-ray scene, and in the following we get a real spectacle of the missing testicle.

Sniper Elite games are known for their grittiness, so it’s refreshing to see the game developers having a bit of a silly moment that nods at mythology and pop-culture references. We’re fans of the Sniper Elite series here at Tank War Room, with Bill displaying some impressively grotesque kills in his time playing the latest game.

I want to hear your best testicle or ball related pun about Hitler, so have at it in the comments.


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