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Get Bonus Gold When Using Amazon Payments

Purchasing Gold through Amazon rewards extra Gold for a short time

Looking to purchase some Gold for a new tank or resupplying your ammo? Well now might be the time to purchase a pile of Gold as World of Tanks has a special deal available for US residents.

If you use Amazon Payments in the Premium shop, you will get a bonus on the amount of Gold you purchase for a limited time. Any time you purchase a quantity of Gold over 500 you will be rewarded with bonus Gold.

  • Buy 500 to 8,500 worth of Gold and you’ll get an extra 10 percent.
  • Buy 8,501 to 17,500 worth of Gold and you’ll get an extra 13 percent.
  • Buy 17,501 to 25,000 worth of Gold and you’ll get an extra 15 percent.

This Gold is linked to your Wargaming ID, which means you will be able to use it in both World of Tanks and World of Warplanes. This offer is only available to US residents. If you’re outside of the states, this deal is unavailable for you.

To use Amazon Payments, simply navigate to the Premium Shop, select your preferred package and then click “Amazon Payments”. Click on the “Pay with Amazon” button and a page will prompt you to log into your Amazon Account. If you don’t have an Amazon Account, simply click the “Create an Amazon Account” button and fill in your details. Get in quick on this offer because it ends August 31st at 23:59/2:59 ET

What are you planning on using your bonus Gold on? I know I’ve got a couple of Crew members that could use a boost in their training. Maybe I want some more ammo or a Premium tank! Let us know in the comments what you plan on picking up.


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