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World of Tanks May 26th Weekend Specials Include FV201 (A45) Bundles

A discount on Premium Account Time and new Tank Mastery missions are also included.

Wargaming has a number of special deals and discounts running throughout the weekend of May 26th and beyond, and you can get the full details on what’s available below.

First up, players can snag some discounted bundles for the FV201 (A45)Premium Tank between now and June 6th. The bundles are as follows:

FV201 (A45) Basic Bundle - $24.99

●     FV201 (A45) Premium Tank

●     Bonus Garage Slot

FV201 (A45) Fully Loaded Bundle - $39.99

●     FV201 (A45) Premium Tank

●     Bonus Garage Slot

●     Vertical Stabilizer Mod

●     Improved Ventilation Mod

●     Gun Rammer Mod

●     1,000 Gold

FV201 (A45) Ultimate Bundle - $59.99

●     FV201 (A45) Premium Tank

●     Bonus Garage Slot

●     All Mods From The Fully Loaded Bundle

●     3,400 Gold

●     2,000,000 Credits

From now until May 30th, players can also purchase a special discounted Premium Account Time bundle for $4.99 that grants three days of Premium status and four 1-hour +50 credit personal reserves. Links for the Premium bundle and the FV201 (A45) bundles can be found here

Finally, Tank Mastery missions for the following tanks are available until June 5th:

●     Object 430 Version II

●     SU-100M1

●     Pz.Kpfw. II Luchs

●     VK 30.01 (H)

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