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Watch A Battlefield 4 Player Get An Epic Knife Revenge Kill

It feels so good to get the last laugh.

It can be pretty darn annoying when you’re in the middle of an intense multiplayer match and some lucky enemy player manages to pick you off and you don’t even get a chance to retaliate. However, for one Battlefield 4 player, excellent map knowledge and one heck of a lucky break allowed them to enact some swift and satisfying revenge.

The clip seen below was posted by Redditor RowgerThat on the official Battlefield 4 subreddit. We’ll let you watch it first just so you can appreciate its sheer awesomeness:

So, how exactly was the above player able to pull off such a quick and smooth revenge kill? Well, it helped that they knew exactly which building they were on top of when they died, and that a friendly helicopter (which also served as a spawn point since it had empty seats available) just happened to be flying over that same exact building. One quick hop out of the helicopter and one badass parachute landing later, and the player soon showed their opponent that surprise attacks can go both ways.

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Nate Hohl

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