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The HMS TOG II Returns to the World of Tanks Premium Shop

Grab the lovable “Tugboat Tank” while you can.

Any World of Tanks player worth their salt likely knows about the HMS TOG II premium heavy tank. However, if you have yet to add the adorable little engine to your tank garage, Wargaming is once again offering the Tugboat Tank to interested buyers for a limited time.

The HMS TOG II (lovingly coined by fans as the Land Yacht, the XP Piñata, and the Tugboat Tank), is available in the World of Tanks premium shop between now and Halloween, so you have time to decide if one of the game’s cutest tanks deserves a space in your garage. If you do decide to buy the HMS TOG II, you have three different bundle options to choose from:

Standard TOG II Bundle - $17.99

  • The HMS TOG II premium tank
  • A bonus garage slot so that you have a guaranteed place to store the HMS TOG II

Fully Loaded TOG II Bundle - $38.99

  • The HMS TOG II premium tank
  • Bonus garage slot
  • Spall Liner tank upgrade
  • Improved Ventilation tank upgrade
  • Gun Rammer tank upgrade
  • 2,400 in-game gold

Ultimate TOG II Bundle - $59.99

  • The HMS TOG II
  • Bonus garage slot
  • All of the tank upgrades from the Fully Loaded bundle
  • 3,500 in-game gold
  • 1,500,000 in-game credits
  • 30 days of premium account time

More details, including a full breakdown of the HMS TOG II’s strengths and weaknesses, can be found on the official World of Tanks website.


Nate Hohl

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